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Family photography sessions are some of the best memories you will ever have!  krissyKstudios can capture your moments that you will cherish forever.

As a parent or grandparent, you know that time flies by way faster than you’d like. One day you’re at the hospital welcoming your children into the world, and the next you’re crying at their graduation. You blinked, and they’re all grown up by the time you open your eyes.

So how do you slow down time…or at least give yourself a glimpse back at what you missed?

Regularly schedule family photo sessions with your local portrait photographer. Granted, you’re probably capturing thousands of photos and videos of your kids already via your smart phones. But wouldn’t it be nice if everyone were in the pictures? And wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t have to assume the uncomfortable and unnatural “selfie” pose in order to squeeze into the frame?

Yes. Yes, it would!

But before you book your next family photo session, follow these tips to make it the best it can be:

There is no family to small or too large.  We work with all dynamics and special requests of family photography sessions.  Prior to your shoot, we do a pre conciliation to discuss all the dynamics of the images you want to achieve.  This consist of scene setting, wardrobe, props, poses, and more!

1. What Do We Wear?

This is the question most often asked before a family photo shoot. Mom is ready and often willing to buy a whole new wardrobe for her family to look their best, but is that necessary? What does the family wear? Over the years, I have come up with my favorite answer. I tell the mom to wear what she feels most beautiful in and have the family compliment her. If mom feels comfortable and beautiful, her confidence will translate in the photos. And instead of buying a whole new wardrobe, maybe there is an accent piece she can buy for the kids, like this mom did with buying her daughter a purple scarf that accents her own colors.

krissyKstudios will also send you some “inspiration” clothing options and coordinations.

2. Pick a fun idea.
Involve your family in the process of picking something fun as your theme or as your location.
Doing something that everyone has already had a great experience with will make your chances for a great photograph that much better.

3. The POSED and NON POSED Shots:

I like to get as wide a variety of posing and expressions as I can so I have plenty from which to choose, and I like a mixture of posed and unposed shots. Very often the unposed are the ones that really showcase your family’s personalities. I’ll often start with a nice pose of the family together. As they are posing, I’ll try to say something to them that may illicit a natural reaction from them, like, “So, who in your family has the stinkiest feet?” Another technique I use is putting a DaisyGrip on my camera; this tool holds a wide variety of toys or puppets right above the camera and can really enhance the story-telling magic that one needs when photographing little kids. For example, I may put a monster puppet on top of my camera, introduce him to the kids and then say, “I’ve told him a million times to stay off of my camera but he keeps climbing up there! You know what I think will make him fall off?

4. Book the Best Time

If possible, schedule your session at a time when your kids will be most agreeable during the shoot. While your photographer may prefer morning or night because of lighting, you need to book a time that works best for you and your family. Good lighting doesn’t matter if everyone’s crying.

5. Take Rewards

It’s very natural to get stage fright when the camera goes up.  To help your kids feel more comfortable, be sure to pack their favorite toys or some treats to attract their attention and reward them for sharing their smiles.

7. Be Honest

Before the session ends, be sure to mention if you had any other images, poses, or groupings in mind. That’s the best time to mention it. Your photographer will let you know if there’s enough time or if your package permits more images to be captured.

8. Have Patience

Chances are that your photographer has other sessions that need to be edited before yours. Unless you two agree on a specific deadline, give your photographer time to work his/her magic. A good rule of thumb is to check in no sooner than two weeks after the session.

The Investment

Please see the “Book Us” tab at the top of the page for more details on pricing and experiences offered.


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