Hill Twins 15 Month Photoshoot

Hill Twins Baby Photoshoot

Hill Twins Baby Photoshoot was Double the Fun! Adorable twins, Vivian and Delany not only stole the spotlight, but also my heart! At just 15 month old, they were both full of BIG personalities and adorable smiles! When you do a photoshoot of twins, you never know what to expect! The key is, to work quickly, creatively, and keep things moving! Vivian was up first. She wore her beautiful, green, “Tinkerbell-ish” tutu dress which was perfect for our outdoor, greenery setting. She was full of smiles and was for sure the “mover” of the two! She wasn’t shy at all and loved playing with the butterfly prop.

Delany was up next! Boy, of boy was she ready for her close up! You would have thought she’d been doing this all her life lol. She was so poised and proper. We probably could have taken her photos for another hour before she would have tried to leave. Wearing her matching tutu dress to sister Vivian, she looked like a perfect little Fairy.

Hill Twins Baby Photoshoot took place outside in a secluded area in Williamston, SC, where the girls had freedom to move and also allowed me to get their optimal attention with little distractions. My favorite part of their photoshoot was when their sweet ma’am played their favorite song, “When the Ants to Marching”! I think the song is so fitting because both girls march to their own beat, making them the little unique Princesses they are <3.

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Quick Tips for Photographing Twins:

  1. Keep things moving. Don’t get stagnant or have much down time.
  2. Work quickly and creativity.
  3. Use props to help keep interest.
  4. Allow an area they move freely in.
  5. Get ready to follow their lead!