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ashion photogrphy, contrary to commercial photography, the emphasis in fashion photography does not lie only on the garments, but on the mood and styling of the image. The garments are merely an accessory to convey a certain lifestyle. Therefore, the whole image is much more complex. You usually won’t see plain white or off-white backgrounds in fashion photography and the models are usually styled very dramatically with thick eyeliners, dramatic eye shadows, etc. With the increased complexity in styling also comes an increased complexity in lighting to make the image look more dramatic. While many commercial photographers only stick with one light for the model, fashion photographers tend to use a wide array of lights and lighting accessories. When doing a fashion shoot, I have used up to seven lights to get the dramatic look that I wanted, but I know photographers who use ten or more lights for fashion. That is not to say that a dramatic look can not be achieved with only one light, such as a beauty dish or an octabank – it’s about the effect of the lighting and not about how many lights you use to get that effect.

Architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe adopted the motto Less is more to describe his aesthetic tactic of arranging the numerous necessary components of a building to create an impression of extreme simplicity, by enlisting every element and detail to serve multiple visual and functional purposes (such as designing a floor to also serve as the radiator, or a massive fireplace to also house the bathroom).




krissyKstudios can help you get the perfect fashion or high fashion image you are looking for.  We can also assist you in styling, and hair and make up options as well.  We start out by doing an initial conciliation to get all your ideas and create a very detailed plan to achieve your desired look

 The Investment:

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Add Ons:

-Hair and Make Up: $50

-Complete Styling Wardrobe: $75

-Styling Accessories Only: $25

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