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ditorial photography is a style of photography that has a little bit of an edgy, commercialized, or stylized look. krissyKstudios can provide editorial photography to children and adults who are looking for a little something different to add to their portfolios.

Editorial photography can be used on individuals, or groups of people.  A new common trend, is also editorial photography for family portraits.  That means, instead of your basic “posed” setting in matching colors, families may opt for a “theme” (such as high fashion, rocker, etc) to give a more creative edge to the traditional style family portrait photography.

Commercial Photography sells a product.
Fashion Photography sells a lifestyle.
Editorial Photography sells a story.

krissyKstudios can provide you with editorial photography by creating the perfect themed setting, or the use of different editing styles to give your images that little bit of  “different”.  A lot of magazines and advertising campaigns use this style of photography.

Breaking into editorial photography is a great way to get more exposure, build your portfolio, and receive unique assignments that will allow you to work with models, real people, and even allow you to travel the world.

If you’re already an accomplished professional, transitioning to editorial photography can be fairly easy if you can remember a few things that make it different than typical portraits.  Editorial photography is very similar to fashion photography in the sense that editorial photography is usually not about selling a product but something greater. In fashion photography it’s the lifestyle, in editorial photography it’s the story or the theme. As with fashion photography, the proper lighting is of utter importance. Let’s say you are shooting an editorial about a girl traveling. If the story is about the joy and the happiness, you would of course use very friendly and open lighting to emphasize this mood. If on the other hand the story is about the dangers of traveling, your lighting would be much more dramatic and instead of a beach on a sunny day, you may choose a dark alley.


   The Investment:

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Add Ons:

-Hair and Make Up: $50

-Complete Styling Wardrobe: $75

-Styling Accessories Only: $25

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